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Price Rise for 2015

Jan 1 2015 has seen the substantial increase in disposal fees for the construction and demolition industry. One of the most popular landfill sites in perth has seen landfill costs appreciate 85% as 2014 passed into 2015. This represents the effect of a new government levy that has been introduced to limit the amount of Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste passing directly into landfill as unprocessed rubble.

Although the levy was imposed on landfill, most recycling facilities have also lifted their prices a similar amount for clean brick, clean concrete, and limestone. These materials are painstakingly separated by environment conscious demolition contractors so that they may be recycled immediately with no further processing.

The fact that costs have increased for C&D waste right across the spectrum means that contractors cannot avoid passing these costs on to our customers. It is still too early to guage the impact these price rises will have on the overall costs of a full house demolition, but we suspect a price hike of approximately 20% from those prices charged in 2014.

As the year progresses and further government mandated price rises come into effect every 6 months for the next 4 years, we at CLEAN SL8 Pty Ltd will seek alternative recycling means and more efficient work practices to ensure that our customers are not affected as much as those of other contractors :)


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