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Clean SL8 Pty Ltd specialises in the deconstruction, demolition and site preparation of old brick or asbestos housing in Perth metropolitan and surrounding suburbs. With increasing land values, many Perth home owners are opting to sub divide the unused land on their quarter acre blocks. This helps to limit urban sprawl and congestion on our roads by increasing suburb density. 

Whether it is a sub division, or a decontruction, demolition and subsequent re-development, CLEAN SL8 Pty Ltd will ensure that the process is smooth and hassle free.


Residential Demoltion

Residential demolition can range from as little as the removal of a small garage to the removal of an entire building, leaving the site ready for construction or developement. 

Asbestos Removal

Whether it's asbestos fencing, roofing, garages, sheds or full house cladding, CLEAN SL8 will ensure that the asbestos is removed efficiently and safely following the Worksafe Code of Practice.

Site Clearing

With the use of excavators and a powerful CAT 287 Track Loader CLEAN SL8 will remove all manner of rubbish and debris leaving a clean slate for future development.

Concrete Pad  Removal

Concrete driveways, side walks, pools, and other structures can be reduced using our Rock Breaker attachment.

Tree Removal

Unwanted Trees &  Stumps are easily removed from your home with our skid steer or track hoe. 


Large branches are reduced to woodchips with our 16.5 inch Woodchipper.

Salvage & Recylcing

At CLEAN SL8, we take great pride in our achievements in recycling demolition waste. It is our desire to reduce waste and reduce damage to the environment caused by landfilling.

All materials that can be salvage and recycled is carefully removed from the property prior to demolition work.

Demolition & Subdivision

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